up coming now technica News Samsung Galaxy M30s | Attack on Xiaomi & Realme | The NEW Performer

Samsung Galaxy M30s | Attack on Xiaomi & Realme | The NEW Performer

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Bhai Saheb did the best work in the company, how are you brother launched the phone in Samsung, m30s is a 14000 rupees phone. HD Plus Display VS Super sAmoled has done a great job and in the camera, the company thinks that you have to give oye oye main triple camera, 48MP + 8MP (megapixel) + 5MP (megapixel) camera with 48MP Is not camera | 8MP is for the wide angle and 5MP is the depth camera, Avon has a selfie camera for girls 16MP (megapixels) so that boys can also take selfies.

If you are a gamer, then game booster technology has been used and given a processor, Exynos 9611 is 2.3 GHz Octa Core processor.Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 is around but let me tell you one thing that if you can get the leg on the game settings then you can get the leg. There are two variants of this ₹ 14000 4 + 64GB 6GB 128GB which increases memory card by ₹ 17000. You can also give the best thing that they have given a 6000 mh battery.

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  And the company has given a 15 watt fast charger supports fast charging for up to 15 votes. I wish it would have supported more power because there is a 6000 mh battery then it takes more time to charge so we do not vote in the box but Come on, it does not matter that the cost which has been cut along with it has been done in its body, that means its back panel will get the polycarbonate of this phone in the price it is giving. Is calling me technique to put money in the right place at Samsung in display fingerprint is also brother will climb polycarbonate no matter back Yet backcover | They keep climbing or should not be offered. These display fingerprint scanners do not give two back, it is fine, but if you get a super amoled display instead, you get a 48MP camera triple and a 6000 mh battery, even three colors, it is a very good thing to give food in both plates. There is no problem, which food should be good, we should not have any good food from the plate, but whatever is good in Samsung, the food which has been made is good, which cost-cutting cannot be given. Lee in leaf

samesung has launched a great phone M30s which is coming on 29th of September 2019 on 29th amazon great indian festival sell

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